Moriah Lynn Johnson

Master of Arts in Public Policy

PhD Student in Sociology at Loyola University

Moriah Lynn is a 2nd year PhD student in Loyola's Sociology Department, where she studies racism and racial inequality. 


In 2019, she also gained her Master of Arts in Public Policy (MPP) at Loyola. With a background in Public Policy, Moriah is passionate about Applied Sociology wherein research is not just for academic development but for the sake of seeing real social reform and racial justice. 


Her current research focuses on the impact of both social and scholarship inequality on the lives of Black women while using a Critical Race and Black Feminist methodology to do so.  


Moriah is also an award-winning writer, receiving the 2020 Robert McNamara Award,  a prolific public speaker and an accomplished photographer. Things Black Bodies Do, a photography platform , is a creative extension of her social justice work,  for storytelling and expanding narratives around what it looks like and means to be Black. 

She is also the author of Understanding Systemic Racism, an explanation of the various intersecting  structures of inequality and their impact on Black America. 

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